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Medieval Roads Less Traveled

  Today, instead of the usual 1, we had 2 pages of route notes.  We were going to have an adventure navigating through Medieval villages on tertiary roads long forgotten by progress.   I was ready.  My tank bag map pouch held our highlighted in fine detail map as well as the first portion of […]

Traveling Incognito

    My red Suzuki was safely strapped in the van waiting for new wheel bearings. Larry & I had a decision to make.  Who would ride what and/or where?  Riding double on Larry’s bike was my first choice.  Further inspection had found that the rear wheel bearings on both our bikes had some “play” so two-up […]

In Russia, Age Has It’s Privileges

  Black smoke loomed over the tree tops. We hoped that we were not coming upon a fatal, fiery, wreck like we had encountered in China.  It appeared that a trailer had caught fire and the driver had been able to disconnect, saving his truck.  This Russian fire truck looked as though it had seen many years of service.  Unlike […]

On the Road in Kazakhstan

OMG! Drivers in Kazakhstan are sane, rational, and usually courteous. What a wonderful change from China. The cars are faster too. We got used to not using our mirrors on the road, because nothing ever passed us. Not the case here. Kazakhs love to drive fast and have cars to do it. We went to […]

The White Grave

  Our departure from the “Cosmonaut House” was delayed by a flat rear tire on Larry’s bike.  Jeff efficiently installed an inner tube and off we rode.   A large herd of beautiful horses crossing the highway warranted a photo stop.  Erwin & Barbel were both shooting from the saddle.  It’s good that memory for […]

Replace, Repair, Then Celebrate

    Today it was our turn to go the BMW shop for an oil change.  Astana Motors in Almaty is an official BMW car & motorcycle dealer, but has no motorcycle mechanics nor a lift for working on bikes.  Not one motorcycle was on the showroom floor.  Globebusters arranged to use their facility and for them […]

SOS Children’s Village – Almaty

  Werner had coordinated for us to visit another of the benefactor charity locations that we’re financially supporting throughout our expedition:  The SOS Children’s Village in Almaty, KZ.  With thunderstorms predicted, it would have been easy to lounge in our hotel room instead.  We are sure happy we didn’t.   The resident children were so […]

On the road in China

Riding in China is like no where else in the world. Drivers here are dangerous and scary. Most are first-generation drivers and have no formal training. A one-word description of them – oblivious. Unaware of others on the road, ignorant or uncaring of traffic laws, impatient, and prone to random behavior. We honk our horn […]

Our Final Day Riding In China

    There’s nothing like Smoked Horse Intestines to get one going for their final day of riding in China. With a 385-mile day in store, we were grateful that the weather appeared to be cooperating.       Along the expressway we saw a strange monument.  On the expressway, yet another horrendous China truck […]

My Guardian Angel Visited China

  Fond memories of our time in Dunhuang circulated in my brain as we enjoyed easy riding for eighty miles today. Ernst, the Italian delegation on the Discover Our Earth Expedition, was among several I photographed while on smooth roads in the Gobi Desert. Our riding day changed dramatically when we crossed from Gansu Province into […]

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