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Rise Of The Broken Bone Brigade

    We have discovered that Martin prefers the easy riding pace that  Larry & I enjoy. Since all three of us have broken bones on the trip (Martin-collar bone and ribs, Larry-leg, ankle and rib, Cathy-leg) and are still(or back) riding, we have dubbed ourselves “The Broken Bone Brigade.”   A World War II memorial was […]

We’re back, but busy

We made it back to Meiming, Austria as scheduled on July 25. After wonderful celebrations, we followed Kevin and Julia back to home base in Wales, stopping off to visit Gunter in the hospital. Belgium, London and Ace Cafe were our next stops. After a couple of days in Wales we ferried to Ireland more […]

A Castle With A View

    Touring the Medieval castle at Kamianets Podilsky anchored our Ukraine rest day, the final rest day of our eight-month expedition.  Werner, Larry, Martin, Alfred, Peter H, Angelica, Terry & I listened intently while Anton, our guide in Russia and Ukraine, told the history of this well preserved castle. Our trip has been so […]

Medieval Roads Less Traveled

  Today, instead of the usual 1, we had 2 pages of route notes.  We were going to have an adventure navigating through Medieval villages on tertiary roads long forgotten by progress.   I was ready.  My tank bag map pouch held our highlighted in fine detail map as well as the first portion of […]

Bubby’s Noodles

  At 7:15 am sharp, several members of the Black Corsairs Mariupol motorcycle club rolled up.  Our bikes had enjoyed a lovely park setting for last night’s rest.  Not a speck of dust could be found on a beautiful, perfect, black, cruiser.  What a contrast to our scratched, beat up, filthy adventure touring bikes. Had […]

Ukraine and the Black Sea

      The grain harvest is in full swing.  We passed many tractors during our run to the border.  A obscure named motorcycle with a primitive side car caught our eye at a rest stop.       By border crossing time, the temp was 100 degrees +.  Larry took the opportunity to rest […]

Russia’s Bread Basket

Miles, miles, and more miles of wheat and corn fields lined today’s route.  Sunflower fields joined the mix of crops today.  Combines of a size to rival those in the Midwest USA were hard at work.  A small tractor on a hill served as a memorial to the huge agribusiness in this part of Russia. […]

Bloodiest Battleground of WWII

  Anna, our Volgograd city tour guide, was nowhere near born when World War II was destroying her city. Even so, she sure knew Volgograd’s history and led us through this historic area.  Our hotel was located just off the main plaza so we started there.  A poplar tree had survived much longer than its expected life.  […]

Traveling Incognito

    My red Suzuki was safely strapped in the van waiting for new wheel bearings. Larry & I had a decision to make.  Who would ride what and/or where?  Riding double on Larry’s bike was my first choice.  Further inspection had found that the rear wheel bearings on both our bikes had some “play” so two-up […]

The Volga Boatman Eats Well

  Last night’s cruise on the Volga River was such a good time that we were ready to experience way more of this largest river in Europe.  Today’s ride took us down the eastern shore and gave us a panoramic view of Samara.   Historic buildings were to be found in nearly every village.  Trains […]

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