25,000 Miles Into The Expedition – Time To Celebrate!


(April 7, 2011 post, written May 24)


Today we had time to relax.  Nothing more needed doing prior to shipping our bikes.  The in-hotel clothes washer got a workout.  Our riding suits were so filthy that nothing else could go in with them.

Werner Wachter, founder of Edelweiss Bike Tours, hosted a reception for Edelweiss tour veterans from the LA area.  This was an opportunity for his customers to meet those of us riding around the world, hear our stories, ask questions, and, of course, pick up the new brochures which highlight the 2nd Discover Our Earth Expedition which begins next spring. To our surprise and delight, Ellen Welter and Howard Meiseles walked in the door.  Ellen and Howard are Women On Wheels members we got to know when they lived in Atlanta.  For their honeymoon, they had ridden on an Edelweiss tour in Europe and now live in California.
Our Section 3 conclusion celebratory dinner was held at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in Hollywood.  The western theme décor provided a perfect environment for possibly the best Bar-B-Q ribs that I have ever eaten.  A mechanical bull waited for action while we ate.  With our large group of competitive, adventure loving, motorcycle riders, most of us primed with beer, we figured that the bull would get a lot of action.  Unfortunately, the bull attendant was not content with Reinhard signing the legal release.  She insisted on photo ID.  He was not carrying his passport and his driver’s license had no picture so he was out of luck.  Refusing this enthusiastic German the opportunity to ride the bull was a huge turn off to me and others.  How bizarre that he had ridden his motorcycle 25,000 miles in Europe, Africa, South and Central America, in conditions raging from reasonable to horrible, but he wasn’t allowed to ride a mechanical bull after signing a release in Los Angeles!  This incident saved many of us a lot of beer money and probably a few sore backs.  Section 3 – thanks for wonderful adventures and memories.

7-April    Section 3 conclusion celebration

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