A Castle With A View



Touring the Medieval castle at Kamianets Podilsky anchored our Ukraine rest day, the final rest day of our eight-month expedition.  Werner, Larry, Martin, Alfred, Peter H, Angelica, Terry & I listened intently while Anton, our guide in Russia and Ukraine, told the history of this well preserved castle. Our trip has been so much more than a ride around the world.  We have Discovered Our Earth.”


Large notches, carved in each step on alternating sides, allowed feet to function on steeper than normal stair cases.  An old motorcycle was suspended in motion, hung from the castle museum’s ceiling.



From the bridge to the castle, an ornate, blue domed church could be seen as were bountiful vegetable gardens below.  The bridge to the castle is, still today, a vital transit link to connect the city with the area outside the steep banked walls above the river.



Just after crossing the castle bridge, Larry & I heard peaceful, string music.  A young man was playing his instrument outside the restaurant that became our lunch destination.  Under a slanted roof, our open air eating area had a great view of both the castle and the valley below.


The food presentation was a work of art.  We did, however, pass on the “Exotic Dishes.”



Two BMW bikes from Poland, each fitted with adventure touring accessories, were parked on the bridge.  An old car was parked near the base of the steepled city hall.



A tradition in this area is for couples to engrave their names and wedding dates on padlocks, attach them to the fence on top of a bridge, then throw the key into the river below.  Many locks decorated the fences here.



The many old, well maintained, buildings provided a foreground worthy of the warm sunset we enjoyed this evening.


21 Jul   Kamianets Podilsky Ukraine  rest day

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3 Responses to “A Castle With A View”

  1. Beverly Gealow says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your entries and the memories of your great trip.

  2. Glazio says:

    It’s we motorcyclists from Poland. We have seen in Kamianets Podilsky.
    We returned from Georgia.Regards.
    We are not yet written anything about our departure. Soon to appear on the website: http://www.mototurystyka.pl
    Here, a little more about our recent travels:
    Film from Georgia 2010
    It’s a beautiful country where great people live.

  3. Glazio says:

    We just finished a description of our trip to Georgia.
    Pictures and description of the Polish you can see at this link:
    Google translator may be useful if someone is curious about the relationship of our trip.
    This is our last year’s trip – also to Georgia.
    See you 🙂

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