A Day To Recover, Then Celebrate


Between Reinhard’s death and Gunter on a respirator in a Chengdu hospital ICU hoping to save his leg, we’re totally emotionally drained.  This “rest day” was more needed than most.

Still, on an eight-month, 40,000 mile expedition, “rest” is only a concept.  Jeff worked to loosen my front sprocket which needs replacement.

Food, even when we can’t identify it as “comfort food,” is a comfort.  Our hotel has a fabulous breakfast buffet.  The presentation of small portions of food on silver spoons hanging from a frame was so pretty.  Frajo found a new use for a chopstick:  as a stylus for his PDA.


Sha, our Chinese van driver, has been driving for Navo Travel for 30 years.  Without speaking English, he communicates well, giving us the help we seek.

Tonight we had a celebration!  Peter Hess, from Switzerland, celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary.  He treated us to the fabulous buffet dinner at the Wangjiang Hotel.  Serena, one of our two excellent Chinese guides, filled in for Maggie Hess, Peter’s wife, at dinner.  Hopefully Maggie is celebrating too, at or near home.  Congratulations to Peter and Maggie.  We wish you many more happy years together.


Not all our dinner options have been as inviting as those we ate tonight.  Recent menu selections include “Steam Yak Tongue,” “Toast and Scorpion,” and one you’ll have to open the picture to read.    Bon Appetit!


14-Jun   Chengdu rest day 1 of 2

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