An American “Fix”

Rolling hills interspersed with agriculture was our scenery for today – except in Aguas Calientes. This good sized city made us feel as though we were in metro Atlanta. Home Depot, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Burger King were just a few of the US brand stores we saw.

Our Garmin GPS chip for Mexico showed us the way to Walmart. This Walmart shared parking with a few other stores and was PAID parking. Fortunately, an attendant motioned for us to ride around the entry gate arm. Paying to park at a Walmart is not part of my DNA. After buying a few items, and touring the store to see how it differed from those at home, we had worked up appetites.

Applebees, that bastion of small town USA restaurants was at the other end of the parking lot. Larry was in the mood for an American food fix. The prospect of guaranteed clean bathrooms drew me in. We shared a Reuben sandwich, fries, and a chocolate shake. They even served Heinz ketchup, our favorite. The fresh taste of my 1st iced tea since November was wonderful. I enjoyed several free refills. This USA treat came at a USA price, $21 + tip.

30-Mar San Miguel de Allende to Zacatecas, Mexico 225 miles

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3 Responses to “An American “Fix””

  1. Fritz Rohrer says:

    Cathy and Larry,

    Congratulations on your 12th wedding anniversary. No doubt you will remember where you were and what happened on this one. Ed and I have you beat by 41….

    Also, really glad to hear that Cathy’s eye surgery went well. My Christ Care group and Lord’s Prayer group has had you (and Larry, too) on our prayer lists. We hear that you might make a visit to Atlanta before you resume your wonderful adventurous trip. It would be great to see you, but don’t overdo yourself.

    Happy Easter to you.
    Fritz and Ed

    Have a

  2. marcelo adorno says:

    Kathy , im really jealous sitting here in Sao Paulo, reading your blog…. and just making plans for around the world #2 2 part, from Europe to Asia!!
    you guys r in australia now! how are the cangoroos??
    marcelo & marcia

  3. Lois says:

    I received the postcard that you sent from Zacatecas yesterday and it brought back memories of a great trip. Hope you are doing well and hope to see you if you come home before continuing on your trip. We love you both, Lois and Roy

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