Argentina – Immigrant Haven, Carnivore Heaven

Growing up in the USA, somehow I had the perception that all immigrants from other parts of the world came or sought to come to the United States. World travel has sure taught me differently. Here in Bariloche, I walked by a huge Italian Center. We have ridden through major Welsh settlements, and, in Chile, stayed at the original home of one of 4 German immigrant families who founded the town. People from many other countries have moved to South America seeking a better life and have found it.
Today was our “rest day” in Bariloche. Never have I been more excited about applying deodorant. Unlike the rest of the days since my crash in the gravel, today I was able to lift my left arm using its own muscles! Granted, I could only lift it a few inches but that was a whole lot better than having to use my fingers to crawl up a wall to expose my armpit. There is hope for that arm recovering after all.

It’s good that we used the beautiful weather yesterday to enjoy the cable car ride up the mountain. Today it’s closed due to the wind. When an opportunity presents itself, I believe in seizing it!

Knowing that we were going to a renowned steak house for dinner, I used the afternoon to walk around the city. Overlooking the lake is their cathedral. It’s interior features rough-hewn stones which give an inspiring yet rugged look. A fruit vendor was selling fresh off the vine treats.

Argentina has many cows. Many of those cows wind up as sausages and steaks. My favorite cut here has been “Bife de Lomo,” the filet. Kevin had raved about our dinner location so we all were there when they opened at 8pm. Many others were waiting outside so we knew we’d be in for a treat. Seated near the grill, it was a bit hot but we got to savor the aroma of each patron’s dinner. Gunter and others enjoyed chorizo sausages as appetizers. I waited for the main course. Full or ½ portions were available in several cuts. Since I was very hungry, I opted for the full portion. Thomas’ plate shows a full portion of Bife de Lomo – 3 full filets! Puree de papas (mashed potatoes) have been so delicious elsewhere that I opted for an order here. Little did I know that the portion could have served a family of six. The salad I picked at could have served 4. The meat was perfectly grilled and delicious. A shred of self control led me to taking a “doggie bag” containing all that others had not helped me eat.  My share of this feast will all the beer I cared to drink cost only $28.

27-Jan Bariloche rest day

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  1. Jan Dru Basehart says:

    Now that is my kind of meal!!!!

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