Back In the Good Old USA


(April 4, 2011 ride, report written May 24th)

Frequent military checkpoints dotted the northernmost part of Chihuahua, Mexico.  If the sandbag barriers did not slow incoming traffic, the big guns being held by young soldiers sure would.

Our first step at the border was to export our bikes out of Mexico.  Inspectors carefully photographed our bikes’ VIN and engine numbers.  The inefficiency of Mexican Customs’ paperwork flow nearly made this Industrial Engineer cry. After we crossed into the USA, Larry and I were “home free” and rode to Tombstone.  Gunter, Peter, Thomas, Kevin, and the rest of the outside the US gang had to go through the USA version of border torture.

After being out of the United States for 4 ½ months, I really noticed the high quality of our roads.  Oh, Beautiful For Spacious Skies belted out of my mouth.  We were home!


For our German friends, Erwin and Barbel, this will be their first visit to the United States.  I hope they’re treated as nicely by Americans as Larry and I have been treated abroad.



4-April    Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico to Tombstone, Arizona, USA        190 miles

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