This is known as a “rest day.” No travel is planned and the riders can play tourist, work on their bikes, sleep in, or whatever they want.

We chose to try to  find the Harley dealer and we did. Cathy, map maven, and Larry, with better distance vision, teamed up and found the place. They were friendly and some riders out front admired our tour stickers and wished us luck. We asked if we could borrow a hose and wash our bikes, but after consultations with the service manager, they were too busy. The service writer did look up a wash location and gave us directions, but we couldn’t find it. Alas, Austrian and Swiss salt film is still on our bikes.

We were pleasantly surprised to find several restaurants that were non-smoking. Previous experiences led us to believe they would never exist. Many of the people walking down the street are smoking and many in restaurants are also. The waitress at our pizza place for lunch said that it is changing and that many more will be non-smoking by next year. At least they have a sign in the window that expressed their smoking status.

Bikes are very popular in Barcelona. Most are scooters and slide through traffic to advance their position. Their only storage is top cases and they are very narrow. The right lane is reserved for taxis and buses, but used by the bikers to pull in front of cars. With our side paniers, we had no choice but to stay in our lane.

We were looking for some thread to shorten a pair of pants that had not been finished before we left and were directed to several stores and finally to a large department store downtown. There were nine floors to the store. We hadn’t been in a store with nine floors since Macy’s in New York city. We found what what we wanted and were walking back to our hotel, when we came across a little thread and yarn store a half-block from our hotel!

Along our way Cathy found a store that fit her needs completly. They even had one for days when your favorite football team’s game in not televised. People watching was superb. Fashions are different and many women were wearing knee-length leather boots. Losts of folks in all types of dress were walking along carrying their motorcycle helmets.

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4 Responses to “Barcelona”

  1. Lee Davis says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Day Larry & Cathy !!

    Shaun & Lee

  2. Mike Knowles says:

    Looks like a great trip so far. Keep sending the great posts!! I feel like I am there with you.

    Mike Knowles

  3. Connie Soeurt says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Cathy and Larry. Hugs from Indy. I’m loving your blog. 🙂

  4. Connie Soeurt says:

    PS The white GS look awesome. I actually like that better than my blue one.

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