Better than sex?

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Spain, so we had lots of congestion in the streets trying to leave our hotel in downtown Barcelona. We took the expressway south for about an hour, then headed towards Alcaniz. Lots of wind farms. We even passed a blade being tranported to a new site. It was lead by a police bike and a pilot car, and followed by a tail car and police bike. There was one ridge covered with windmills. Lots of olive trees and vineyards were along the road.

We stopped at Poble Vell a Spanish civil war memorial. The village was destroyed and all that remains is an 18th century church. We stopped for coffee in the new village that was built after the war. Cappicino is what most drank, but we ordered hot chocolate and she served us hot milk and packets of Nestle’s mix! Tractors lined the streets of the village as farmers came home for their lunch.

The next couple of hours we spent riding some of the best motorcycle roads of our lives. Altitude went up to 5,400 ft. and temperature went down to 32F. Twists, turns, hills, valleys, it had it all. The scenery was incredible. Geology was unique. Some of it reminded is of New Mexico and the American Southwest. If someone had been listening to the sounds we were making on the bluetooth communications between our helmets, they may not have believed that our activity was riding motorcycles. 

We crossed the Greenwich Meridian, which seperates east from west. Since we all had GPS, we went searching for the real 0.0.0. We found it about 50 meters west of the monument. 

We are spending the night at the Teruel Parador Nacional.  Paradors are former castles and monastaries that have been converted to luxury hotels.

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  1. Lois says:

    Enjoying your trip by proxy. Stay safe and well. We love you.

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