Bogota Tourist Day

Those of us who had already processed our bikes used the day for a Bogota city tour. The Museo Del Oro, The Gold Museum, was our first stop. All pieces were from before the 16th century, the time of the Spanish invasion. Some of the pieces, such as the fish hooks, were alloys of copper and silver. Some were pure gold.
Larry looked cute in this gold ½ helmet. I would have preferred to take home a pair of gold filigree earrings.

Bogota has been hit by 2 major earthquakes: one in 1906, one in 1967. A church, originally built in the 1500s was restored after being demolished in 1906. Only one narrow street remains that is representative of Bogota in colonial times. The stone cobbled pavement was barely wide enough for a small ox cart.

In contrast, everything done by Colombian artist Botero is “Super Sized.” His paintings and sculptures have size distorted features.

The cathedral on the main square was designed with Greek influence in a neo-Classical style. A nearby former church turned museum was all Baroque, from the Spanish influence. It’s fascinating how significantly different styles can peacefully co-exist in close proximity.

9-Mar Bogota “Rest” Day

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