Bump in the road


When we picked up the bikes at the dock, the batteries were dead and had to be jumped to start. This morning Cathy’s bike still wouldn’t start. Now we need to jump two bikes so we found an auto parts store, bought jumper cables and drove our rental car to the Customs office where my bike died last night. We got it started, but the ammeter showed it wasn’t charging, so we drove 1 km to a Suzuki car dealer to see if they could help. They said no, but gave us the name and address of the Suzuki bike dealer. About 5 miles from the dealer, the electrics went dead and the bike stopped on the Autobahn. We pushed it part way down the exit, locked it and drove to the dealer, who had closed for a vacation. Next door we saw a sign with car, truck and motorcycle icons on it, so we went there. They were a vehicle transport company, but didn’t work on them. One of the people inside was a biker and called Marco’s Bike Shop (www.marcos-bike-shop.de), explained the problem and drove us to the shop for introductions. Marco, a former international Grand Prix rider who finished second at Daytona in the late 80s, has been a Honda and Yamaha dealer for 30 years and said he would try to fix them.

 Well, Marco’s mechanic found a bad battery as the problem and replaced it. Cathy’s kickstand was broken during shipment. Marco recommended a welder that they used. Eddy, one of Marco’s customers, was headed that direction and delivered us to Hartmut Fiedler (www.fiedlermobil.de) who removed the peg, welded it, added a piece to strengthen it, painted and replaced it within a half-hour.

One can still rely on the kindness of strangers. We got our rental car back before the office closed and are ready to leave for Austria in the morning.

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4 Responses to “Bump in the road”

  1. Sheila DeSellier says:

    OMG!! You NEVER cease to amaze me, even after all these years! I can’t wait to follow your adventures around the world, and to share the tales of your trip with my kids… Have a most fantastic trip… and congratulations on the retirement!!

  2. Bill Hooykaas says:

    Hey guys, at least there is no better place to get the final bugs worked out! We now know that bikes aren’t happy in the bowels of ships for extended periods of time, they should love the open roads from here on ’round. Ride safe…

  3. Marilyn says:

    Cathy, does this remind you of the start of our Alaska trip? Great commentary you guys, keep it up.

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