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Since the beginning of our expedition, I’ve appreciated Larry documenting our travels via this blog. As you know, our situation changed Thursday. Now you get to hear from me, Cathy “Redboots” Davies!

As motorcyclists know, a great riding companion is a treasure. When that person is also your best friend, lover, and spouse, it’s an amazing blessing. Larry is that person to me. Hearing via Bluetooth helmet-to-helmet connection his words, “I’m hurt,” was awful.

This was one of those times that I was so thankful that we were not traveling alone. Kevin, the entire Globebusters team, and our expedition “family members” were and continue to be fabulous. Not only have they dealt with the practical aspects of our predicament, they’ve supported us emotionally.

Yesterday was bittersweet. Leaving Larry at the Viedma, Argentina, airport with a kiss and embrace that will be our last for a while, was tough. While Kevin and I rode south to meet the others in Peurto Madryn, I was on an emotional roller coaster. Sunshine and blue skies with enough clouds to make the sky interesting, coupled with vast expanses of scrubby brush and sand hills reminiscent of western Nebraska made for great riding. We stopped to enjoy and photograph a herd of Guanacos, a type of Lama that is about the size of a deer. A huge rock, which reminded me of Ayers Rock which we will see in Australia, appeared miles to the west. Then I realized that Larry was not there to hear my “Yee Ha” over the headsets or to see my left arm waving as would a bird’s wing (our signal for having fun while riding). Tears ran down my cheeks. I brightened up when I thought “Larry & I will just have to come back here. He would so enjoy this ride.” We will. Soon.

7-Jan-2011 Saturday Viedma – Puerto Madryn 276 miles

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  1. LaVonne Hallberg says:

    Cathy & Larry – So sorry that your trip was interrupted like this. We continue to keep you in our prayers. We will be calling and checking in on him. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help him. Have a safe trip until you can get together with him soon.

    Love you guys.

    LaVonne and Jeff

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