Cigar Country


From what we’ve encountered, Nicaragua has the prettiest motorcycling in Central America thus far. Trees with varied shapes provide huge shade canopies. Tobacco fields fill the tilled areas. We kept looking for our cigar smoking friends, Peter, Terry, and Alfred in the parking lots of the several cigar factories we passed.
Many “Fields of Dreams” for Central American baseball players are here. When we’d see truck fulls of men, I’d tell Larry that “There goes another baseball team to an away game.”
More livestock decorates the road ditches than we saw in Panama or Costa Rica. Beautiful chickens were plentiful and we saw our first turkeys.
Prior to today, the only time we had been to Honduras was to the scuba diving islands of Roatan and Utila. The mountain border crossing area provided a much different view of the country. This was at least the 3rd border where we’ve met a group of 3 South African bikers traveling on their own. Each time we compare travel notes.
Danli, Honduras, is a basic border town. There is no colonial town square to tour and no decent restaurants within walking distance from our hotel. Our choice for dinner wound up being a fast food chicken place, complete with an armed guard outdoors. Definitely a one-night town.

20-Mar Granada, Nicaragua to Danli, Honduras 200 miles

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