Confucius Says – Enjoy Jianshui and Zhu Family Garden Hotel

After yesterday’s tough ride, touring by foot held a lot of appeal.  Built over 100 year ago and owned by the same family, the Zhu Family Garden Hotel is a tourist attraction in itself.  A banyan tree is the focal point for a plaza adjacent to the outdoor bar.

A temple to Confucius, who lived in 600 BC, was built in 1285.  We strolled by the meditation pool, filled with huge water lilies.  Young and old appreciated the tranquility of the place.  A group of giggling Chinese girls, who only yesterday had taken their graduation exams, wanted pictures with us.  I photographed them with the ancient chimes as a backdrop.  After quite a walk, we reached the inner temple.

Recycling seems to be gaining momentum in China.  On the temple grounds, we saw many of these “Unrecoverable” and “Recoverable” bins.


Having had enough culture for the day, several of the guys took advantage of an archery range on site.  I don’t know who “won” any contest but they all seemed to be having fun.


Green Pea is an ice cream bar flavor not found in the USA.  Would President Reagan classify it as a vegetable?


A stroll down the street filled with bustling shops and colorful trees took us to the nail place.  A hairdresser directed me to a lingerie shop to get my nails done.  The proprietor sat me down at the check out counter.  She painted detailed flowers on all ten of my fingernails – total cost $2.50. Larry waited on a chair surrounded by frilly bras and panties.  A tough job but someone had to do it!


The flavor, quantity, and price of food at “locals” places continues to amaze me.  Larry and I shared a huge pile of noodles and a cauldron of soup chocked full of chicken and mushrooms for $1.50.


Capitalism is in full force here.  We passed the first sign shop of the trip.  Being my former business, I’m always intrigued to see what equipment and supplies are being used.  Unfortunately, no 3M boxes were obvious.


A modern grocery store found us strolling through the frozen food department.  Instead of sealed packages of french fries, chicken nuggets, etc, large bags sat open in the freezer for consumers to scoop out their desired quantity.



We had passed a large Mosque yesterday.  Today we saw several veiled women including this shop keeper.  When we asked her for beer, she opened the cooler, pushed aside some soft drinks and pulled out two beers that had been hiding behind them.  Even the Muslims here are capitalistic.


To end our great day, we headed back to the Zhu Family Garden via the parking lot.  This young boy stood proudly near his father, the security guard controlling access to our bikes.  While we have been playing tourist, Jeff has been busy.  The handlebars are welded, most key components are working, and yards of duct tape have Mick’s now “Street Warrior” BMW ready to see action tomorrow.
9-Jun   Jianshui China    Rest Day

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