Copan, The 2nd Largest City Of The Mayas

Our “tourist day” began with breakfast on the veranda. The thick, homemade, bread was a special treat. Jeff, our support van driver and mechanic extraordinaire, replaced Larry’s tires. With his 2 month broken leg recovery in the USA, Larry had not yet had his Moroccan tires replaced.
At the Copan ruins, we saw a reminder of how prevalent guns are in Honduras. Signs indicating where you can’t take them abound, even at the tourist areas. Kevin had warned us to be ready to see guns everywhere. Long rifles and shotguns were held by guards outside of everything from gift shops to grocery stores. I sure wouldn’t want to accidentally walk out without paying for my bananas!
A hired guide helped the 8 of us touring to understand what the Mayan people believed when they flourished here from 400 to 800 AD. The stone altar brought back some wonderful memories of our trip with our Christ The King Church friends to Greece. One story was that virgins were sacrificed on a similar altar that we visited Several of us women crawled up on the altar and decided that this would make us “born again virgins.” Larry and I have enjoyed wonderful travel companions during many very different types of trips.
When my ankle said it had had enough, Larry and I took a moto-taxi to the town square for lunch. On our way back to the hotel, we saw incredible flowers in one home’s courtyard. Across the street we saw outdoor electrical wiring that would not pass code in the USA.
Twisted Tanya’s was the location for an outstanding “group meal.” About once each week, all of us gather to share our evening meal. On such a long trip, it would be too much if we ate together every night. My seafood pasta featured a large collection of shellfish served over home made pasta. Larry’s salad qualified as a work of art.

22-Mar Copan Ruinas, Honduras

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2 Responses to “Copan, The 2nd Largest City Of The Mayas”

  1. Marilyn and Tom says:

    We are enjoying your stories. Can’t believe you still have that bathing suit. Tom guessed that I was the endowed one. Hope your ankle does ok. At least it was a dog and not wild horses. It tickles me that you mention our tales too. Hope Larry is still recovering. I love you and you take care. Marilyn and Tom

  2. Cheryl Rightsell says:

    Cathy, you are such a hoot… born again virgins we were….

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