Copper Canyon – Are You Sure It’s Not Rock Canyon?


(Report of April 2, 2010 ride.  Due to trip interruption, account written May 24)


Some of the best riding roads in Mexico are found along its Copper Canyon.  The canyon itself is four times larger than the USA’s Grand Canyon.  Many exclamations of “Yee Ha” were exchanged between Larry’s helmets and mine.

For being a tourist area, we saw few tourists.  Even the tourist office wasn’t inhabited.  I went inside to see if there were any maps, info and/or beverages available.  All I saw was the humble living quarters of whomever tends the office. He or she was no where to be found so we rode on, stopping at the local “general store,” the Mini Super.  Although it had most basics of life and a few optional ones such as a “Hello Kitty” book bag, we would be hard pressed to survive shopping there.

Rocks more massive than any I’ve ever seen in post glacial areas were scattered like popcorn along the

Creel was our home for the night. Souvenir shops featured typical plastic junk as well as pieces from the Tarahumara Indians that inhabit the Copper Canyon.  We couldn’t resist a bug eyed frog magnet with a baby frog that bounces from a spring on the big frog’s belly.  I wonder if it will be as cute when we get home!

Our hotel was a decorator’s treat.  Colorful, ornate tile outlined the bathroom and dressing areas’ fixtures.  It provided a delightful environment for working on our blog.   A “locals’” place was our choice for a classic Mexican dinner.  While window shopping, we saw the largest collection of “Larry Mahan” cowboy hats that we had ever seen.  Our evening stroll in town showed us a variety of interesting buildings.

2-April    Hidlalgo de Parral to Creel, Mexico   123 miles





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