Today was a day where we could understand why some of our friends think we’re crazy. The weather forecast today was 80% chance of heavy rain and a high of 52F and we achieved both. It hadn’t started to rain yet when we loaded the bikes into the elevator in the garage and went up to the street. GPS said that tonight’s hotel was 89 miles away. We headed off and were soon out of town and into the rolling hills. The roads were still two lanes with power poles that used glass insulators. The hills were still covered with trees, though as headed south they were filled with oranges instead of olives. Before long one half of the forecast came true. It started coming down in buckets. If we’d been touring be ourselves, we  might have chosen to stay in the hotel and ride in better weather. When on a tour, one must stay on schedule.

We rode across the top of a reservoir and this was  the view into the valley from the top. The roads got narrower and the rain got heavier. The temps were still in the forties. Single lane track that was shared with oncoming traffic. Tight switchbacks that required downshifting to first gear. This was technical riding. Lunch was in a little town and they had chickens roasting on a spit. It was in the basement and had a propane space heater to give some warmth.

As we headed south, we also headed down. Altitude went from just under 4,000 feet to under 400. Temps were now in the fifties. We toured the narrow twisty streets of one small village, but our guide got confused and we had to do a u-turn. Rain was still falling heavily and the wind was beginning to gust. Twisty roads took 150 miles and 7.5 hours to get to our destination.

We fianlly got to Ronda and unloaded our bikes at our hotel. It was still raining. When we got to our room and undressed we confirmed that our rainsuits leaked and our allegedly waterproof gloves weren’t. But it was still a good day. There’s no such thing as a bad motorcycling day. Some are just better then others.

This was taken from our room’s balcony.

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2 Responses to “Crazy?”

  1. Enjoying your news and pictures. Keep safe and happpy trails to you.

    Veloy and Bob

  2. Shannon Schiller says:

    I read and think, “yes, crazy!” but look at the pictures and think, “no, not really!.” Reminds me of our ride up from the HD shop in Durbin. SOAKED.

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