Easter In Georgia


(events of April 23-28, 2011, during trip interruption due to Cathy’s emergency eye surgery) written June 1)

Never before have I been away from home for five months.  My Good Friday appointment with Dr. Law in Los Angeles showed that my eye pressure was still higher than he likes so he lasered a suture and sent me on my way.

We have never felt so wanted and welcomed by family and friends.  My cousin, Dianne, invited us to Minnesota for Easter.  We knew that we needed to have our first non-California time period at home in Georgia.  I first set foot in Christ The King Lutheran Church, Norcross GA, on Easter Sunday 1987. That became and has been my church home ever since.  How perfect that the one weekend we would be home would be Easter weekend.

Six of our wonderful neighbors had a dinner party at Brenda and Jim’s for us on Saturday night.  Hugs and stories as well as great food ruled the night.  On Sunday morning, it was strange to be watching the orchestra play rather than playing with them as I regularly do.  I guess this is not a regular year.

Joy and her family welcomed us for Sunday dinner.  Lou dell and Dennis again hosted our “Easter Family” for an early Sunday afternoon feast.  We’re not biological family but we’re closer than most bio clans.  During our five night stay, Carolyn and Jamie had us over as well.

Not all of our Georgia time was festive.  In addition to processing a pile of mail, it was patch and replace time.  My crash on Argentina’s Route 40, during the 1,000 miles of stone and gravel surfaced road,  had done a number on my shoulder.  Even three months after the incident, I knew that something wasn’t right.  Larry really liked the Orthopedic Surgeon he went to for his January broken leg.  From my pain description and range of motion, Dr. Koffler feared that I had torn my rotator cuff.  That would require surgery ASAP and a 3 to 6 month off the motorcycle recovery.  After a MRI, we got some good news:  cartilage was torn in my shoulder, a less serious condition.  He actually said that because I am so YOUNG, I should have it fixed and said, “If I could sit still for six weeks, he would fix it.”  As soon as riding season slows down in late fall, you know what I’ll be doing.

Since I was at the Ortho doc, I asked him to take a look at my left ankle.  It still is hurting even though the time I hit the dog in Panama was now 5 ½ weeks ago.  Dr. Koffler looked at the X-Ray and chuckled, “No wonder it’s hurting, you broke your leg.”  My fibula, the smaller outer leg bone, had broken in the collision.  He went on to say that whatever was done to treat it since it set properly.  Those off-road riding boots had protected me from greater injury and served as a “walking cast” post-dog.
23-April    Our time in Georgia

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