Farthest south in Africa


Dakhla is a big military city. Soldiers and sailors in uniform were riding mopeds all about town. A big army fort was in town with walls around it in town and a razor wire fenced mine field facing the desert. It was also a seaport with several fish processing plants. Tank trucks would take fish slime thirty miles out of town and dump it along the highway. Concrete turnouts complete with stop signs were covered with foul smelling liquids. We saw several of these stations along the Atlantic coastal highway. We also toured the local seafood market and saw the day’s catch.

We spent two nights here and nobody left to do local riding. Several talked about going south to the Tropic of Cancer and the Mauritania border, but none went. Our hotel is a step up from the last two. The bathroom has spare rolls of TP, lobby has internet and roof has a pool. Breakfast is still coffee, bread and jam. It is a hotel used by United Nations personnel. Conversation between members is in English, but both sides are accented another language.

We finally found a resturant that advertised and SERVED pizza for lunch. While we were waiting for our food, a handcart came by. The night before a restaurant just down from our hotel served fruit de mer (seafood).  They had a cooler inside stocked with beer and wine. When we went back the following evening, the cooler was dark and empty. Maybe they don’t serve after sundown.

6Dec Boujdour – Dakhla 220 miles

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2 Responses to “Farthest south in Africa”

  1. Terri says:

    Are you having fun yet?

    I sounds rough to me but I hope you are loving it. We miss you and I’m praying for your safety. How is the energy holding up? Are you finding food to eat? It’s been great getting the updates. Thank you for taking the time to do them.

    Love you,

  2. We missed you this morning at the Prayer Partners Brunch.
    Lynn and Nori had a wonderful breakfast for us.
    It is fun and interesting to follow your trip. I got out my world map and have been following you.
    Tonight is the choir Christmas Party at the Cox’s. We will remember you guys in our prayers.

    Love you,

    Veloy and Bob
    Veloy Reynders recently posted..Laayoune

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