Final Instructions

It was -4C this morning and the bikes were covered with frost. Globe Busters’ mechanics discovered a blown fuse for Cathy’s lights and drove to town to get a replacement. I used my spare relay so my driving lights would work again. We spent the day organinzing our stuff and packing, so we don’t have to bring all our bags in every night.  Reflective trip decals were added to the front of the and sides of our bikes.

Our trip leader, Kevin, started our kickoff meeting after lunch. The eleven people who will ride all five segments were joined by the six riders only doing segment 1. Several people who are riding later segments and many guests listened as the general rules and route for tomorrow were explained. We’ll go to Mieming’s town square to meet the mayor and media who are covering the start of the first guided around the world motorcycle tour. We then will ride through the world’s fourth longest tunnel on our way Bern, Switzerland.

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6 Responses to “Final Instructions”

  1. Cindi Striegel says:

    What a wild start to your trip already! Have a wonderful time and I’ll be watching for your updates.

  2. Lee Davis says:

    Be careful !!!
    Love You
    Lee & Shaun

  3. Laura Mitchell says:


  4. Susie Burch says:

    Cathy and Larry, you are my heros! I am so excited for you, and I will follow your adventure on the blog. Have a great time. susie

  5. Connie Soeurt says:

    Have fun and be safe.

  6. Diane Warner says:

    And they’re off…has a new meaning. Hopefully the biggest kinks are worked out and adventures will be more of the kind you prefer. BE SAFE!!! HAVE FUN!!!!

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