Flamingo Road

More signs for wind warned us along today’s route. Fortunately, the wind velocity was no where near what it was yesterday. After several days of flat, straight roads, today we enjoyed a few curves and hills. Salt ponds attracted herds of Guanacos. A deeper pond featured pink flamingos. We saw many sheep and our first cows in days.

A highlight came at our final gas stop. Four Brazilians, two on V-Stroms, one on a sport bike, and one on something else, had gone in for coffee. Of course, we had to check out their bikes. When we did, they emerged and we visited. Between the one who spoke limited English and lots of sign language, we shared stories. They were members of a MC club in Brasilia. They gave us stickers from their club and David gave them some from Globebusters. As much as I appreciated the gesture, I don’t think they were from the type of club I would want to post on my bike when riding in Daytona Beach!

Rio Gallegos had been settled by Scottish and Irish in the late 1800s. They were the ones to get sheep farming set up in the area. This was also a military air base during the Falklands (or Malvinas if you’re from Argentina) war.

11- Jan San Julian-Rio Gallegos  225 miles

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