From Sea To Shining Sea


Transporting bikes between countries and continents presents numerous logistical challenges, therefore, Globebusters allows a time cushion when air freight is involved. Since my bike had cleared customs on Thursday and Larry’s wasn’t due to be ready for pick up until Tuesday, we had 2 bonus days. Werner and Coral invited anyone interested to join them for a ride to the Atlantic/Caribbean side of Panama. Knowing we’d be swimming, I was all for it. Larry opted to relax and get ready for Section 3.

Ernst, Gunter, Reinhard and I all followed Werner and Coral to a remote beach east of Colon. We were the only ones there and enjoyed body surfing in the white capped, blue green, surf. Walking along the beach, I picked up coconuts that promised to be full of milk and tasty flesh. Reinhard made some comment about me making a bikini top from one of the coconuts. That led me to tell him a story from travels with my mother in Mexico.

About 1994, my mother and I enjoyed an all women’s motorcycle tour of Mexico. One afternoon, while sitting poolside in our matching bathing suits, near some well endowed friends, we decided to liven up our outfits. Each of us stuffed 2 entire rolls of toilet paper into the tops of our suits and strutted out to model for our friends. We hadn’t even been drinking – yet!

Today I was wearing that same bathing suit. The fabric is very worn and I’ve replaced the elastic but the memories, and its capabilities, remain. Two coconuts later, this picture was taken.

Those who have traveled with me know that I come up with some crazy ideas of things to do to give each trip a few extra stories for telling. Today was no exception. While we were finishing our Atlantic coast walk, I said, “Why don’t we ride to the other side of the country and swim in the Pacific!” Coral chimed in that they had eaten lunch at a great place at a Pacific side beach. We could ride there for lunch and a swim. Off we went, crossing the Bridge of the Americas. Swimming in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on the same day was a first for us all and the conclusion of a great Bonus Day.

13-Mar Panama City Bonus Day 1

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  1. Dale and Cindy Leppo says:

    Cathy, I have been lucky enough to be in the Pacific and Atlantic in the same YEAR on several occasions, but never on the same DAY. WOW! Tell everyone we wish them safe and exciting travels on Section 3! Dale and Cindy

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