Hail The Red, White, and Green

Ever since a female restroom attendant in Morocco directed me to the men’s side, I’ve been having my nails done. In my riding attire, especially when I keep on my helmet, flashing colored nails has helped me get directed to the proper bathroom.

Today, Sonia and Patricia teamed up to add local flair to my hands – they painted Mexican flag colors on each nail. I got the feeling that they had never before had that request. Hey, Discovering Our Earth is more than just motorcycle riding. We’re meeting people and experiencing the cultures of the countries in which we’re touring.
Keeping with our pizza in each country trend, today it was an excellent Mexico version of classic onion and mushroom.
Reviewing maps and Route Notes are daily routines. Alfred, Kevin, and Richard discussed details in the hotel’s sunny courtyard.
Some of the guys had raved about the Argentinian steak house at which they had eaten. By evening, we were ready to be carnivores so checked out the place. The steak was nearly as perfect as those we enjoyed in Argentina.
Our evening stroll through the town’s main plaza took us to this historic church. It just didn’t look right inside when all the elegant crystal chandeliers and wall mounted light fixtures were fitted with curly-Q, compact fluorescent, light bulbs. What a sign of the times!

26-Mar San Cristobal De La Casa, Mexico Rest Day

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