Head to the hills

 Snow covered mountains are in the background as we ride across a flat plain. Tempstarted at 36F this morning and goes to 60F as the sun rises in the sky. We navigate through Ouarzazte, a medium-size city with an airport. On the outskirts is a golf community, like we see in Florida. Foothills with white topped mountains in the background reminds us of Colorado. More picturesque villages as we wind our way up a steep valley. Twenty miles climb past our hotel is Dades Gorge, also known as the Red Valley.

Since it’s only a little past noon when we arrive at our hotel. Kevin organizes an optional exploration: twenty miles of hard road, followed by 30-40 dirt/gravel and home 20 miles of pavement. Cathy wants to go, but only one of the over-sixty set does. I go up to the canyon with them and ride back slowly taking pictures.

Every night we have a rider’s meeting at 7pm. The ones that stayed meet in the dining room with a fire to wait for our friends. There is no alcohol in this area, so we can’t relax with a beer. Half past the hour the first rider appears and the rest slowly trickle in. They searched for the passage, but never found it. 160 miles and much gravel, exposed rocks and dirt later, they find their way back in the dark, safely. Glad to have Cathy back.

A couple of  small tour bus groups are also staying in our hotel. They represent many countries and are amazed by our group. Finally met someone from Australia. Never traveled anywhere in the world without meeting an Aussie.

Monday 13-Dec Ait Benhaddou – Dades Gorge 105 miles

Hotel Vieux Chateau 28km from Bourmaine Dades, Dades Gorge, Moroc

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