Here Comes the Sun – NOT!

A fuel stop was in order early this morning.  We arrived just in time for the staff’s morning group exercises.  They did pump our gas promptly anyway.

Visiting a temple was an option in today’s route notes.  With the soggy conditions we opted to just have lunch at the hotel across the road.

While enjoying the tree lined road, I saw something I have never seen and don’t believe would exist in the USA.  A large tree was growing in the center of my lane!  Without a warning sign, there it was, standing with pavement all around its trunk.  I was able to swerve into the other lane and passed safely. It was in too dangerous an area to pull over for a picture so I settled for a picture of a tree, still in the path of travel, growing much closer to the road’s edge a few miles down the road.

At one waypoint, our route notes told us to go right.  Mick, Larry, and I dutifully went right.  After one mud hole, we saw Thomas, coming toward us on his Yamaha.  He and Mick discussed options.  We carried on, veering right, right before the bamboo barricades.  No, we were not on the correct road and had to backtrack.  This extra tour did take us by a large flock of future Peking Ducks.

Our spacious room overlooked the river. For being a country where we understood theft to not be acceptable, it seemed strange that in the parking lot of our nicer hotel, cars were booted.  When Kevin had been here last year, the parking attendants had chained all the motorcycles together, “for safety,” then couldn’t find the lock’s key in the morning.  This year, Kevin insisted on no chains.

Not wanting a big dinner, Larry & I investigated a nearby grocery store.  The small store had a decent produce department and well stocked shelves.  We thawed some frozen shrimp to eat with our beer.

Each evening at 7, the group meets to review the upcoming day’s plan.  Due to our extra day spent in Chengdu, we have to change hotels from the one listed in tomorrow’s route notes.  Eagerly, we all jot down the new hotel’s name and GPS waypoint.

16-Jun   Chengdu to Guangyuan   215 miles

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One Response to “Here Comes the Sun – NOT!”

  1. Joyce & Ray Crum says:

    You & your group remain in our prayers until you arrive safely back home. This is a trip of a lifetime, and we look forward to the next message! God go with you!
    Joyce & Ray

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