Hippie Town – San Miguel, Mexico


Energized from a great nights sleep (despite the flock of all night gobbling turkeys penned across the street), we were ready to head to the hills. A statue of an El Tajin resident waved goodbye as we rode out of town in a light mist.

It amazes me that, in Mexico, trucks pulling two trailers, totaling 34 wheels, are allowed on narrow, twisty, mountain roads. This makes for difficult and scary passing. Today that was a big issue. At one point, while following a double trailer load of oranges, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if that truck over turned. Visions of a curve covered with thousands of ball bearings smelling like oranges crossed my mind.

San Miguel was a hippie haven in the 1960s and remains an artsy, tourist town. I wonder if many attempting to avoid service in Vietnam wound up here. It is absolutely lovely. I can understand why many US citizens have retired here.

“La Rosa” was the name of our beautiful suite at the group’s home for the night.
A 4 block walk up hill on cobblestone covered streets took us to the city’s plaza. Built later during the Colonial times, the cathedral is one of a few in Mexico built in a Gothic style. Generous Margaritas at a sidewalk bar on the plaza were our next treat. This is definitely a tourist town – Margaritas cost $12 each! Not a Cathy Davies and Larry Johnson price. Sure made it easy to stay sober.

Tonight was group dinner night at Mama Mia’s. We were entertained by a talented band that kept switching between instruments: guitar, harp, pan pipes, drums and even spoons. After their show, we walked back to the plaza. I had seen Mariachi musicians and, being in Mexico, I longed for the sound of the trumpets, violins, and mellow tenor voices. A full band had just finished their gig in a restaurant. Larry asked if they would play for us. For $100/song, about $9, they would. Between Larry’s and Werner’s contributions, we were serenaded for 15 minutes. I was in heaven.

29-Mar Papantla to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 310 miles

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