I Don’t Want To Know!


Before our 6:15 alarm had rung, Kevin and Richard knocked on our door to see how I was doing. My leg was still attached – always a good sign. Kevin pressed and prodded my ankle. He still thought it was a bad sprain. Just in case bones were broken, I asked, “Have you had anyone continue to ride with broken bones?” He said, “Yes.” All I would have had to say was “take me to a doctor” and I would have been taken there. Sometimes, you don’t want to know exactly what’s wrong. Had an X-Ray showed 1 or more broken bones, it would have been more difficult for me to decide to continue. By not having an X-Ray, I had no conclusive reason to quit. On went my riding gear.
Peter and Erwin were busy straightening my crash bar. Several helped load my gear. Larry wheeled me out to the bike and off we went toward the Costa Rican border.
Our 3 hours completing Panama exit and Costa Rica entrance procedures seemed excessive. Kevin put it all in perspective when he told of Globebusters’ last crossing of this border. After they had already spent hours in lines, a truck hooked the overhead power line and tore it down. An additional 5 hours was needed to get a generator to run the permit computers.
Three years ago, Terry had a clutch failure on his previous bike while traveling alone in Costa Rica. Even though he had the air freight bill showing that it had shipped home to Florida, the computer still showed him having a bike in the country so it wouldn’t allow him to import his current ride. Kevin stayed behind with Terry to work out the problem.
Richard had “gimp duty.” With both of us far from 100% after our injuries, he led and kept an eye on Larry and me. We managed to have a good day of riding and conversation. When our lovely lodge in the jungle included a loose rock parking lot, Richard was right there to park my bike. Colorful leaves and flowers provided a soothing backdrop for the cacophony of insect sounds.

16-Mar David, Panama to Jaco, Costa Rica 205 miles

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