Sunny and warm today, with little wind. We’re on the same road that we rodesouth, but the weather is better. On our way out of town we stop and take a picture of the sign showing the mileage to Dakar. Two years ago GlobeBusters rode there, but the political climate in Mauritania prevented us from going there.

Dakhla is a peninsula on the Atlantic and popular with tourists, European and local. We even found a group of RVs camped out on one of the beaches. It was not an RV park, just RVs parking. They had generators and satellite dishes. A pack of dogs were hanging around, so somebody must have been feeding them. The campers greeted us warmly. We saw vehicles from France, Germany and Great Britain.

Our route sheets and road signs warned us of camels, but hadn’t seen any. Now we weren’t looking and there were no camel crossing signs, but here they were! A group of ten appeared. This was the only one with a saddle, but there was no camel jockey around anywhere.

8 Dec Dakhla – Laayoune 307 miles

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3 Responses to “Laayoune”

  1. mike/sandi hughes says:

    it will be -21F here tonight. sure you wouldn’t rather be here??? it sounds like the trip is getting better. glad to hear that. stay safe.

  2. Marilyn and Tom says:

    Marilyn and I are enjoying your blog.

  3. Marilyn and Tom says:

    We had the Last Nickel Christmas party today. 12/11/2010
    We had about 14 members and several guests.
    You two were missed and were a topic of conversation.
    We may get snow in Georgia tomorrow.

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