Latitude 00 000.000′

Within 40 miles after leaving Quito, we arrived at the Equator. My V-Strom has now had its front wheel in the Northern Hemisphere while the rear was still in the Southern Hemisphere. A snow capped volcano was visible from where we posed for pictures. I can only imagine how high the volcano must be to have snow at the Equator!

North of Quito is where many of the beautiful roses we have seen are grown. I would have never guessed that they are grown in huge greenhouses.
After 100 miles of scenic beauty, we arrived at the Colombian border. This was our longest border crossing to date – 3 hours. The Globebusters guys were elated. When they last crossed this border, it took 7 hours! While we waited, a storm with rain of Biblical proportions hit. Those that finished their paperwork had to wait for the deluge to subside. The Colombians were so detailed that they took rubbings of our bike’s VIN numbers as part of their documentation process. Barbel and Erwin were the first to patiently wait during this process.

I’m a firm believer that a good photo opportunity is well worth a U-turn. Never before had I seen a motorcycle pulling a box trailer. I met this guy so did a U-turn and passed him to wait for the right moment. Wouldn’t you know it, my camera’s battery went dead just as he passed. No picture. By this time, some of the guys in our group had passed me and I’m sure were wondering what I was doing. So I did what any determined photographer would do – I got back on my bike and followed him into a gas station. He immediately dismounted and hurried inside. I wonder if he thought he was being stalked by a crazy woman. At least I got my photo!

3-Mar Quito to Pasto 160 miles

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