Leaving Puyuhuapi

The morning view from Casa Ludwig over the water was picture perfect. We were going to have an amazing 3rd rain free day on the Carretara Austral. Maybe this was our reward for surviving the monsoon in Morocco and the rain on Route 3. Remember, we are in rainforest territory and on the side of the Andes that gets much more rain than falls farther east.

These last 5 days have been the most consecutive days of very technical and difficult riding that I’ve ever had. Today was a big day for potholes and washboard road surfaces. If I had $1 for every pothole avoided and $10 for each one hit this week, I could have retired 10 years ago.

The same water flowing from the mountains that gives the lush, green, foliage has to run somewhere. Surprise ravines cut across our riding surface. One time the choice was to ride over 8” wide by 6” deep twin ravines or bypass through a squishy pile of round stones. I chose the Evel Kenevil approach and gave it the gas making it easier to span the ravines.

Our 3 days of riding the Carretara Austral have been a wonderful part of my riding experience. An area so remote, pristine, uncluttered and beautiful and few are able to share the experience.

During the afternoon, we encountered farmers tending their herds and slowly crept toward civilization. Back in Argentina, on our way to Esquel, we rode through Trevlin, a town settled by the Welsh in the 1860s.

25-Jan C Puyuhuapi – Fuetalufu Chile – Esquel Argentina  165 miles

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  1. Dale and Cindy Leppo says:

    Cathy, Thanks for the continued updates. It sounds like the “Expedition” is both challenging and exciting. I (Dale) high-sided on a frozen bridge deck several years ago. I banged up my right shoulder and had to ride home so I can (kind of) relate to your situation. Best wishes for a quick recovery to your shoulder, and to all of the amazing riders on the 1DE!
    Dale and Cindy

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