Let the fun begin

We made it! Our wonderful neighbors Carolyn and Ron got us to the airport on time. Last minute details kept eating away at our time cushion, but we made it. The stress of standby tickets turned wonderful as we were upgraded to Business Class. ATM issues in Frankfurt were cleared up when we remembered that the amount we were trying to withdraw in Euros translated to more than the maximum daily amount allowed in dollars.

We finally found the location of our bikes and paid the ransom to recover them. Mine was missing a saddle bag, but rummaging around the warehouse Cathy found it in a cardboard box. The kickstand on her bike was broken, so we have to have it welded back together. Both batteries were dead so the stevedores had to jump them to get started. Mine died at the customs house, so we have to go back today and find someone to jump it. Turns out we needed to put down an import duty deposit that allegedly we’ll get back when we leave Europe.

It’s 40F and drizzling right now, so were not going to spend much time sightseeing. We’ll hook up our electric clothes, put on our rainsuits and probably head straight to Austria.

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