Lord Of Sipan Tombs: Peru’s New Treasure Trove

One thousand years before Machu Picchu was built, the Moche had an active civilization in the coastal area of northern Peru. In 1987, gold pellets were noticed in a pet guinea pig’s poop near Chiclayo. This lead to the discovery of the tombs, including those of 2 Lords of Sipan. The tombs were loaded with gold, silver, bead, turquoise, and lapis lazuli burial jewelery as well as thousands of pottery pieces. Although grave robbers had cleaned out another section of valuables, they did not find the most important tombs. Archeologists, with police protection, have uncovered this amazing collection of treasures from early after the time of Christ.
We were able to view this collection at the Lord of Sipan Museum. Several of us hired an English speaking guide and had an extremely worthwhile 2 hour tour. Their no camera rule was strictly enforced. Cathy Davies – this means you!

We’ve celebrated several birthdays during this section of our trip. Those having birthdays have sometimes treated the group to lovely dinners. Our trip will be over when Chris Siewald, from California, celebrates his birthday in August, so he decided to celebrate his β€œ1/2” birthday 6 months early. Our group enjoyed dining at the supposed finest restaurant in northern Peru. My steak medallions were excellent. Artistically decorated ice cream and Pisco Sour drinks mixed by David finished the delicious meal.

25-Feb Chiclayo

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