March to the Penguins

A sunny, Sunday morning found us continuing south with a slight diversion to Gaiman. In the mid 1800s, many Welsh immigrated to this area. Since Davies is a Welsh name and my dad’s father was ½ Welsh, I chose the road less traveled. At the end of a series of turns down gravel roads, we arrived at the Gaiman Welsh Tea House. It was surrounded by lush gardens and featured a huge teapot on the lawn. Unfortunately, Welsh must not drink tea until the afternoon. The place would not open for 4 hours. The trip back on the gravel was great preparation for our next adventure.

 You may have noticed that my bike has a different look. A question posed by Alfred got me thinking: Larry’s blue top box should be mounted on my bike so his bike still has a physical presence on the trip. Since I’ve recently been doing most of the leading and navigating for the two of us, I’m used to seeing his blue bike in my rear view mirrors. Now I still can!

 About 1,000 miles south of Buenos Aires is Punta Tombo. It’s a point jutting into the South Atlantic, accessible only via 20 miles of gravel road and well worth the ride. There live 400,000 Magellan Penguins. Even after spending two weeks looking at penguins in Antarctica five years ago, I never tire of these fascinating flightless birds that wear tuxedos. We hiked to see the red rocks of the point with the cacophony of adults and, although nearly adult size, chicks still covered with fuzz. Needless to say, many photos and videos were taken by all.

9-Jan  Puerto Madryn – Comodoro Rivadavia – 273 miles

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  1. tadeusz polakiewicz says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Nice to make a rewival via your blog of our fantastic trip and wonderfull time together.Great pictures and excelent report…good work!
    Good luck in Asia !
    Miss your Wee haaaaaa ,!!!

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