2-Dec Marrakech

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This is what Morocco is supposed to look like, crowded, red, narrow streets and market stalls. Burrow drawn cart delivering wood blocks the scooter stacked with blue bags of goods, while other scooters and pedestrians try to get by. Chaos. Street sweepers brushed the trash down the street and into a pothole. Stalls are mainly 8×12 and you can buy anything from food to fabrics or motorbike oil to cooking oil. Butchers saw and chop up beef and lamb. Poultry stores have cages in the back with live chickens and will behead your choice, dip it in boiling water, remove the feathers and wrap it up for you. Fish markets have many varieties including shrimp, rays, eels, turbot, sole and sea bass. Shops also do wooodworking, appliance repair,dressmaking, beautiful leather clothing, travel agents, realty offices, motor scooter repair. They sell bread and will put cheese and meat on it for you. Cut up large candy bars into individual squares. Sell individual cigarettes from a pack. Small hardware stores with nails, screws and the tools to intall them. Tailors, watchmakers, teleboutiques with cell phones, pay phones and internet connections.

They have barber shops that will shave men with a razor, which hasn’t been available in the states for years. Our guides recommended it, because England doesn’t allow it either. While I was there a French couple came in. He sat for a shave and his wife took several pictures. Cathy had a hammam treatment at the spa in the hotel and loved it. This was the male equivalent, without the full-body massage. We went to the old square where many food stalls offer their wares, and street entertainers put on shows. Their friends encourage onlookers to contribute something for the performers. They had a film festival going on and showed movies on a large outdoor screen after dark. This is also where the main post office is located.

Several of our group wanted dinner and a belly dancing show. The three dancers put on an excellent display of isolated muscle control. They were more thinner than other belly dancers we’ve seen before. Don’t know if it’s a sign of the times or just how they do it in Morocco. After abusy “rest day” we retire and prepare to ride to the African coast tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Marrakech”

  1. JanDru Basehart says:

    Love to read your adventures, excellent commentary. Unfortunately, I can’t see the most recently added photos.
    Best of luck to you both.

  2. Enjoying your posts, but sad we cannot see the pictures. All boxes have red x’s! Sounds like you’re surviving the elements and are well-prepared for all. Your descriptions are amazing. Enjoy it all – we’re thinking of you.

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