Move’m out

Today’s duties are load the bikes into the trucks, who will take them to Madrid for crating and airfreight to South America. Bags must be organized, weighed and packed for checking onto our flight. Iberia allows one bag each and wants $50Euro for additional bags. Cathy made our bike covers with zippers so they could double as duffel bags for our gear. Kevin said that he leaves his riding boots in his paniers, so we do the same with ours. This means we can stuff everything into three bags and save $65.50 US!

It’s pouring down rain today, but it lets up to load the bikes. We start to walk around, but the rain picks back up. We return to our hotel to relax and say farewell to those who could only ride Section 1 and all our guides except Kevin, who were returning to Wales for the holidays. Only Kevin will be with us on the whole trip. Richard will rejoin us in Bogota and ride to Los Angeles.

We walk to a crowded bar for drinks and on to a restaurant for a group celebration. Julia had brought t-shirts commerating the finish of Section 1, with a map of the world route and a list of the cities we have visited.

December 18 Malaga.

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