Not All Roller Coasters Are Made Of Steel


Our twisty climb out of San Cristobel was a delightful preview of today’s ride. At one point, we were at 8K ft altitude and the temperature was a crisp 54 degrees F. Our riding suit vents were open only 30 minutes later. We had dropped to 1600 ft while the temp rose to 84 degrees – 1 degree per minute!

During our descent, greenhouses, most likely full of vegetables, dotted the hillsides.

Coastzacoalcos had a female archer statue centered in its main round-a-bout. In contrast to the minimal and miserable street signs throughout most of Central America, these signs were great. If it not for the Spanish text, the city could have passed for a modern small city in the USA.

Within the hilly terrain, we were surprised by some unusual shapes and several beautiful lakes. Catemaco, our evening’s city, is located on a large lake that used to be the caldera of a long extinct volcano. Monkeys inhabit several of the volcanic islands. The black sand reminded me of that found on Hawaii’s Big Island.

This afternoon was a hot one for riding prompting us to take a dip in the pool as soon as we arrived at the hotel. Being one block off the lake, dinner was fresh fish, Veracruzan style. It kept looking at me through its sauce of tomato, onions, and spices. A cool lake breeze and a margarita later and we were ready to stroll through town. Joyous singing poured out of the doors of the cathedral. There was a Sunday evening mass in progress complete with young people playing guitars. The place was rocking and packed. After visiting so many empty churches, this was an appreciated event.

Although our hotel was not particularly special, the lovebird towels were a nice touch. This did seem a little strange since there were 3 double beds in our room. The room could have handled a small flock!

Our story about March 16 just got posted today. If you would like to read the saga about the 24 hours following my “dog incident,” here’s how to find it. At our home page, under “Folksonomies,” click “General.” Scroll to the bottom and click “Older Entries.” It’s the one titled “I Don’t Want To Know!” and is listed as posted March 25th.

I was planning to give you an update on my ankle today anyway. After 11 days of up-shifting gears by using the heel of my left boot, today I was finally able to complete a few shifts by lifting with my toes. The outside of my booted ankle that smashed into and ripped off my left foot peg is still very sore but at least it is ready to return to the reality of shifting. The swelling of my former “Steinway Piano leg” has reduced dramatically. I still wrap a bandage around my ankle and foot while riding or walking. A bit of bruise residue still colors my toes. At least it’s a color that coordinates with my toenails!

27-Mar San Cristobel to Catemaco Mexico 290 miles

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  1. Heidi Holley says:

    Cathy and Larry,
    Ride on!!! I am so happy for you guys! You certainly do not let anything get in your way. Beautiful world we live in. Thanks for sharing.
    With all best wishes,
    Heidi Holley

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