Not in Kansas any more


Spain is in Africa. At least some of it is. Our boat left Algeciras, Spain, sailed across the Straits of Gibraltar and landed in Ceuta, Spain on the African coast. We rode about 3.5 miles, exited Spain and entered Morocco. The former took two minutes and the latter, two and a half hours.

Third world borders are interesting. There are the official uniformed border guards and unofficial “guides” to help with the crossing. The guides wear official-looking ID cards around their neck and ours spoke English, French and German. Kevin and Alan from Globebusters have done this crossing over two dozen times and chose to do all of us as a group. They had the information sheets already filled out and presented them to the guards, who requested all our passports. After review, they asked for all our insurance cards. That was problematic, since one rider left his at home when he left. A little gratuity canceled that request. We were ready to leave and a supervisor decided that he needed to see the insurance cards. Another gratuity and we were rolling again.

White and blue were the colors of the seashore town. Street sweepers wore blue/white uniforms and pushed blue wheelbarrows. Many round-abouts through town were interesting to navigate. I’ve dueled taxis in Boston, Athens and Beijing, so these were not a problem.

We were soon out of town and saw a different country. Many burrows with heavy packs were grazing, walking or being ridden. Free-range chickens and kittens were everywhere. Teenage boys saluted our passing with their cellphones taking pictures. We found our hotel and walked fifteen minutes on narrow streets to the center of town. We found an ATM and got local currency. Dirhams are eight to one US$. A small bottle of water is 5D.

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8 Responses to “Not in Kansas any more”

  1. Shannon Schiller says:

    Well Cathy sure looks like she has eased into retirement!

  2. Linda Stone says:

    Cathy and Larry,
    I finally took the time to catch up on your trip, from day one. You guys just amaze me… thanks for the opportunity to experience the adventure through your eyes. I’m loving it and it sounds like you are too.

  3. Eldon Walker says:

    Cathy and Larry. You’re doing a great job of documenting your journey. Very interesting reading!! Temperature in London Ontario today is 0 degrees C so unfortunately my Goldwing is in storage for the next few months. Enjoy yourselves and drive safely.

    • Hildegard Fritsch says:

      Dear Cathy and Larry, Your journal writing is outstanding!
      One feels like traveling all those roads with you. Your
      travel experiences keep everyone fascinated and pulling for you. I am excited for you and pray for your safety and well-being. Gott mit Euch!

  4. Bev Gealow says:

    I am sure glad to have found this site. Also glad that you are able to enjoy such a dream trip. Wish I could still ride! Sold my bike and ride behind but not very often.

  5. LaVonne Hallberg says:

    Dear Larry and Cathy:

    Glad to hear you are having a good trip so far, except for that darn rain. We had Women’s Night out at Lisa’s last night. We wanted to call and sing to you, but figured it was probably the middle of the night – still thought about it though. We missed you. Thanks for the updates, and stay safe.

  6. Bev Gealow says:

    So sorry to hear of the accident and broken bone. We will be looking forward to Cathy’s messages and Larry’s return to finish the trip. Roger and Bev

  7. Lois Wyatt says:

    Larry give us a call when you are back and let us know how you are doing or if we can be of assistance to you.

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