Not shown on travel brochures

  The hotel in Meknes couldn’t get the internet because of the heavy rain and the hotel last night didn’t have any. So the next couple are catchup. Tonight we’re in Marrakesh.

Woke up early this morning to the sound of what Americans refer to as “a cow pissing on a flat rock.” The Morocco we saw was not the one shown on travel brochures. This one had so much rain that fields and front yards were flooded and had no road access. River torrents rose to within inches of bridge bottoms. Hills washed gravel onto the roadway. Winds blew so strongly that we fought to stay in our lane and not be blown off the road or into oncoming traffic. Challenges on roads that would be wonderful on a dry sunny day. Kevin predicted 10 days of rain during the trip. 30% of these have been used and it’s only been 8 days.

We still saw how the locals lived. Men were always shaking hands. Nearly all women’s heads were covered. Many men wore a round or pointy hooded robes that probably inspired several Star Wars characters. Others wore knit, ball or skull caps, or hooded shirts. Young boys on the roadside waved and asked us for a ride. Passersby gave us thumbs up. A local market thrived in spite of the being partially flooded. Passing through town an enterprising man was selling umbrellas. People were riding bicycles while holding an umbrella. Packs of dogs were running around. Pedestrians held sheets of plastic over their heads. Passing cars and trucks flashed their lights. We’re not sure if they were just trying to tell us that our lights were on and was it a message of encouragement. A women and child were standing along the roadside and a big rig truck stopped and asked if they wanted a ride.

 The road was shared with burrows, horses, animal-drawn homemade trailers, bicycles, three-wheeled motorized trucks, scooters and all sizes if trucks and cars. Speeds were randomly chosen and the center line was just a suggestion. No passing zones were largely ignored. Most everybody seemed to be in a hurry. A dirt road paralleled the highway. It was probably for horse and burrow carts to keep “road apples” off the road. 

Saving grace was we all made it to the hotel with stories to tell.

Here’s what I looked like AFTER I took off my Frog Togs rain suit, riding suit, and electric liners. Needless to say they were soaked.

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