On The Mekong River

What a view from our breakfast table – Burma to the left, Laos to the right.  Larry & I are big fans of Heinz ketchup.  Here, both our familiar tomato variety and one with chili peppers adorned each table.  My perception of Thai food was that it was all spicy.  That’s not at all the case.  We’ve had delicious dishes that were very mild on the palate.

Most Discover Our Earth Expedition members enjoyed a boat cruise on the Mekong with a stop at a village in Laos.  A dead chicken floated near the Lao dock.  We joked about it being our dinner, marinating.  Maybe if we had had a few swigs of the Snake Whiskey sold at the Lao market, the chicken would not have looked so bad!

Larry and I would have loved to get to Myanmar(Burma), the 3rd of the Golden Triangle countries but that was not possible due to the military state.  Maybe next time.  A Golden Buddha riding on a Dragon Boat greeted us as we returned to the Thai dock.

We toured an Opium Museum.  I was more interested in the 650 lb catfish that swim in the Mekong waters than I was the old opium pipes.

Even though our accumulated “treasures” were only the size of a 12 pack of Chang Beer box, we decided to send them home prior to our travel to less service oriented countries than Thailand.  The ladies at the hotel did the requisite packaging.  We found the Post Office and chose the 2 month “slow boat” method for shipping.  Even so, the shipping cost more than we spent on the treasures.

The flowers and topiaries on the hotel grounds were exquisite.  Our Golden Triangle stay has been great.


2-Jun   Sop Ruak Thailand (Golden Triangle) Rest Day





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