On The Road Again

Riding 370 miles in the coastal desert makes for a long, hot day. Fortunately, the scenery and lunch stop kept me going.
Even though we’re traveling on the Pan American Highway, villages have active street markets. Chickens are a staple of the Peruvian diet and the dozens of huge chicken houses I passed showed where they are raised. Sugar cane and corn fields lined the road. In fields, men carrying 3 gallon hand sprayers were doing the work done by huge machines in the USA.

Peru is electing a president and congressional representatives this April. Unlike political signs that are taken down at home the day after an election, the political signs here are all painted onto the adobe brick buildings. I wonder if the citizens have to look at the gaudy messages until the next election?
Speaking of adobe bricks, I rode by Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in the world. The day would be so long and the temp was already so high that the thought of touring a city made of baked mud bricks just didn’t sound appealing.

What did sound appealing was taking the side trip to Huanchaco, a sea side village. There I found a restaurant with a shady balcony overlooking the beach. A guitar player serenaded as a back drop to my delicious fish and shrimp lunch. Virtually every lunch guest was drinking Inca Cola, a syrupy sweet, bubble gum tasting beverage made for the Peruvian market by, you guessed it, The Coca-Cola Company.

24-Feb Barranca to Chiclayo 370 miles

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