On The Road Again – Thai Style

Keeping 20 motorcycles together while riding out of Bangkok, a city of ten million people, was quite an undertaking.  With Banana and Meng, our Thai guides, and Kevin, Mick, and Jeff from Globebusters herding the mechanical cats, we all safely exited to Thailand’s lush scenery.

One little boy looked as though he had never seen such a sight as our huge motorcycles and total coverage riding gear.  Large bikes are seldom seen in Thailand, neither is heavy riding gear.  They’re just now adopting the use of helmets.

Easy riding on multi-lane highways was the perfect way to get re-trained into traveling and to see the riding styles of our 4 new riding companions:  Angelica, Franz Joseph, and Juergen from Germany and Martin from Vancouver, BC, Canada.  It was also the best way to beat the heat.  Riding nearly all day at only 150 ft altitude, with a latitude of only 16 degrees north, meant that it was hot and humid.  REALLY hot and humid.  We’re talking 100 degree plus with matching humidity hot and humid.

Our delicious pork noodle lunch, including beverage, cost $3 for the 2 of us.  Larry & I enjoy collecting dishes from memorable restaurants during our travels.  One of the soup bowls will find its home at Turtle Farm.

At our afternoon gas stop, I was reminded that we are back in the “squat toilet” part of the world.  All those I’ve encountered in Thailand, so far, have been extremely clean.  At a roadside market rest stop, flip flops were provided by each stall so one’s dirty shoes would not soil the floor inside.  I chose to plead “dumb foreigner” rather than remove my multi-buckle off road boots and socks.  This miniature version of our former cat, Pumpkin, was not phased by our motorcycles pulling up to the gas pumps.

Upon arrival at the Sukhothai Treasure Resort & Spa, all we had the energy to do was rinse out our riding clothes and nap.  I tried a Lay’s potato chip flavor that I have never seen in the states:  Hot Chili Squid.  They were delicious and zippy.  Perfect with beer.  After our 7pm group meeting, the temp had cooled enough to enjoy the hotel’s lovely and huge swimming pool.  Nellie and Reid, my Godchildren, are avid swimmers.  They would have loved this pool.  At one end, the wall was made of 2 ½” thick glass.  It was fun to watch the swimmers under water.
28-May   Bangkok to Sukhothai Thailand –  266 miles

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