Our Final Day In Panama – At Least For This Trip

Larry & I organized and re-organized our gear, at least as well as we could without his bike yet available for packing. By mid-afternoon, we were at that point where we needed a break. Remembering the beautiful Pacific Ocean view during yesterday’s lunch, I suggested we go there so Larry could share the experience.

Of course we could have taken a cab, but why would we? We had a motorcycle. Despite the tropical heat, the Panama City traffic and our comfort level riding “2 up” dictated that we wear our full riding gear. By the time we mounted the bike and joined the traffic, the clouds dropped their bottoms. We were committed so off to the beach we rode. An excellent seafood treat was our reward.
The United States may have spent a lot of money in Panama, however, none of that could have been spent on road signs. Having just retired from the sign industry, I would rate their road signs a 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. En route “home,” we got hopelessly lost in a maze of one way, weird angled, streets filled with crazy drivers – not just me! When we were about to resort to hiring a cab to take Larry and show us the way, Larry recognized the street on which the laundry was located and navigated us to the hotel. I know he’s as eager as I am for him to be back on his own ride.
As we gathered for our nightly meeting, I knew it was time for our group to again hit the road. We have a delightfully fun and funny group. Tonight things got down right silly. When our leader, Kevin, was looking for a stool on which to sit to conduct the meeting, Erwin, who is nearly twice Kevin’s size, picked him up and put him on his lap. Terry wondered, “what’s wrong with this picture?”

14-Mar Panama City Bonus Day 2

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