Our Final Day Riding In China



There’s nothing like Smoked Horse Intestines to get one going for their final day of riding in China. With a 385-mile day in store, we were grateful that the weather appeared to be cooperating.




Along the expressway we saw a strange monument.  On the expressway, yet another horrendous China truck wreck stopped traffic in the opposite direction.  It’s easy to understand why they have such wrecks.  A few miles earlier, two full-size grain combines monopolized more than one lane.  There’s no other roads for the farm implements to take.  That’s a recipe for disaster.




Larry & I rolled by the 4,000 km marker for route G30.  We are 2,400 miles west of Beijing!  Dozens of brand new, pink and white apartment buildings sprouted from the plain beneath this unusual mountain silhouette.



Extreme northwest China has some of the loveliest scenery that we have ever seen.  One side of the road had mountains, the other, a sparkling lake.




Since we’re in an area with Mongolian and Kazakh influence, nomadic people graze their sheep on the ample grasses near the lake and live in yurts.  These round, portable, homes resist the wind and allow the shepherds to follow the foliage.




China’s massive road development projects are even found in this corner of the country.  Spanning deep valleys, a serpentine highway on stilts is under construction.


We felt as though we were riding through the Alps.  These are great memories to have among our last in China.




Today, Angelica and her passport and all travel documents were reunited.  To celebrate, she treated us to dinner.  This was our final night to enjoy John, our Chinese guide’s, company.  I’m not sure if his smile was due more to the beer or to the fact that he has nearly finished his duty with us.  With Reinhard’s death, Gunter’s serious accident, and Chuck’s getting lost until 4am, he’s had a tough month.  John, we thank you for all you’ve done to contribute to our wonderful adventure in China.




After dinner, a young boy watched intently as Jeff replaced the chain on my bike.  Kazakhstan, here we come.


30 Jun  Urumqi to Horgas  385 miles

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