Our Final Full Day In Thailand



“Yee-ha!” roads twisted and turned along the bank of the Mekong River and after we headed inland toward Nan.  The most popular farm, and sometimes commuting, vehicles seem to be these funky tractors.  They have long handlebars which I imagine give good leverage in the rice fields.  This one was equipped with “road” tires.  Some carried  steel wheels, cleated for traction in the paddies, in their trailers and changed to them when they reached the field.   Years ago, my dad had a similar tractor he called the “Trac-E-Tac.”  Seeing these brought back many fond memories of riding around for hours with him.

Classic, colorful, Thai architecture dotted the landscape along the hilly roads.  Banana and Meng, our Thai guides, joined us for a photo at a scenic overlook.

The “Nan Boutique Hotel” is one of the nicer places we’ve stayed.  Perfect memory of our final night in Thailand.  A less than perfect memory will be the hot pepper I ate at dinner.  The innocent little green thing in my chopsticks was nearly lethal.  I’ve never eaten anything so hot.  It took at least ½ hour, two beers, and a lot of rice to smother the flames.  So long, Thailand.
3-Jun   Sop Ruak to Nan Thailand  212 miles

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