Our Time In Peru Is Waning

We passed many rice paddies while still in the coastal desert area today. The area’s numerous Chinese Restaurants are due to the fact that many Chinese moved to this part of Peru years ago to work the rice fields.

As we climbed today, the views of rice paddies were replaced by those of mountains. We were now back in the foot hills of the Andes. Many farm animals, primarily goats, roamed freely causing excitement as I crested hills.
It seems fitting that tonight’s destination, our final night in Peru, is Piura. It was the 1st city established in Peru and the 3rd in Latin America. Piura now is a major city with 370K residents.

Section 2 of our trip, South America, will soon be history. In only 7 days, Larry will be flying to Bogota, Colombia to return to our group. Riding with no radio or MP3 player and with no en route conversations with Larry for the last 2 months has given me a lot of time to think.
I haven’t figured out solutions to any of the world’s major problems. I have, however, relived many times and events of my life. Recurring the most frequently since January 7th is how Larry & I met, how our relationship has evolved, and how eager I am for his return.

In August 1996, I went on my 2nd Scuba Sig trip. That year’s destination was Grand Cayman. After years of “looking for love in all the wrong places,” romance was among the farther things from my mind. Friendships were rekindled and 1st timers, including Larry, were introduced and welcomed to the fun. Larry & I wound up on the same dive boat. I remember his enthusiasm for all that he saw on each dive and how he seemed to get along with everyone.

During the week, our group of 25 had an official “mixer,” where participants introduced themselves and described what they liked to do when they were not scuba diving. Of course, I mentioned motorcycle riding. So did he.
Larry seemed so approachable that when I dropped one of my favorite earrings in the condo sink and was unable to retrieve it or disassemble the sink, he was the one I called for help. The final night of our dive trip, Larry asked if he could buy me dinner. Over 2 years of long distance dating and the rest is history. I look forward to my Sweetie’s return to this year’s great adventure.   (Me too – Ed.)


26-Feb Chiclayo to Piura 170 miles

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