Panama City, Panama – So Different Than In Florida

We were rewarded for our perseverance in getting the bikes out of air freight and customs yesterday. It meant that today was free for playing tourist. It wound up being a blessing that we had finished the customs process since the department closed by mid-morning due to possible tsunami waves from the Japanese earthquake.

Our first stop was old Panama City. This was the area destroyed by Captain Morgan and the remains are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the observation deck we could see the queue of ships in the Pacific Ocean waiting to enter the Panama Canal. I’m so enjoying having Larry back in our pictures, as part of our group, and, especially, with me.

We progressed to the newer areas of town including the series of   three islands near which many beautiful yachts are moored. Coral and I enjoyed the best lemonade I’ve ever consumed while enjoying the view of the harbor and city. Larry got his Panama pizza here too.

Larry and I used the afternoon to check out the Harley shop and a local supermarket. You can tell that there’s a lot of American influence and money here. The US Dollar is their official currency. The produce department featured cleaned and pre-packaged vegetables like we find in the USA. We had not seen that since leaving Europe. While the USA controlled the Canal Zone, we built the Panamanians a water system. It was great to feel safe drinking water from the tap.

11-Mar Panama City Panama Tour Day

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