Panco Villa’s Last Stand

(This is our story of April 1, 2010. Due to trip interruption, tale being documented May 24th)


Crossing the Tropic Of Cancer this morning reminded me that we have ridden across all major geographic lines possible:  Prime Meridian – Spain, Tropic Of Cancer – Africa, Tropic Of Capricorn – Argentina, and The Equator – Ecuador.  I enjoy learning geography much more from the seat of a motorcycle than I ever did in school.

The farther we ride north in Mexico,  the more desert we encounter, and, the more military heckpoints.
Since the Globebusters’ support van has to go through the same searches as do our bikes and belongings, Larry and I now have to carry our remaining 4 months of prescription drugs.  The closer we
get to the USA, the more often authorities are searching for illegal drugs.

Throughout Mexico, we’ve endured the dreaded “Topes.”  Topes are huge and numerous speed bumps that keep traffic at a much slower pace and much more cheaply than do fleets of cop cars.  When here in the early 90s, I vividly remember the front fender of my Yamaha falling victim to a Tope.  3M filiment tape held the fender together for the rest of the trip.  We do not want the same fate here so we really watch for these silent monsters and SLOW DOWN when they are appear, sometimes out of nowhere.


A huge statue of Pancho Villa on his horse greets visitors to Hidlalgo de Parral.  This is where Pancho met his demise.  Advised against riding into town due to violence against those looking like they have money, we took a cab to tour the small museum.  Modest homes with laundry decorating “Solar Clothes Dryers” line the streets.

1-April     Zacatecas to Hidlalgo de Parrel, Mexico      415 miles




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