With all that has happened to our group in the last three days, Kevin made a wise decision.  Instead of one rest day in Chengdu, he adjusted our schedule, giving us a day to enjoy highlights of Chengdu.


Traffic in a city of 14 MM people is bad.  If it’s in China, it’s horrendous.  We chartered a bus to take us to the Giant Panda Breeding Center, a specialized facility for these rare animals.  John, they guy wearing denim shorts, is our lead Chinese guide from Navo.  He led us down the bamboo lined trail, past a lovely Koi pond in search of the cute, reclusive Pandas which are found only in the wild in China.  Watching them eat breakfast was a treat.  The displays, such as one showing natural versus artificial breeding, were well done and in ENGLISH! Yee ha!

I was the only one in our group that opted to make a significant donation which allowed me to hold a baby Panda for pictures.  Jang Ling, or whatever he was called, was a nine-month old male.  He looks much heavier than he was.  Fur goes a long way in bulking up a critter.  Even though I had to be clad in a gown, gloves, and booties, his coarse fur felt so nice against my cheek. Left to right, Thomas, Alfred, Ernst, Peter H, Terry, Cathy, Angelica, Chuck, Juergen, and Martin gathered for a picture.


At our evening meeting, we got an update on Gunter.  He is now off a respirator and they have installed an external fixation device to set his left leg.  This is the same treatment Larry successfully received in 1980.  We hope and pray that Gunter has the same outcome.


Angelica is living up to her name – an angel.  She has offered to stay in Chengdu with Gunter for a few days until he is stabilized.  She is the only non-Chinese person on our trip that speaks Mandarin.  Of course, she also speaks their native German.  Thank you Angelica for your generous kindness to our friend.


We enjoyed a Hot Pot dinner before a performance of “local opera.”  It was actually a delightful variety show featuring music, dance, even a shadow artist.

15-Jun   Chengdu rest day 2 of 2

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  1. MARIA says:

    Cathy, I love that picture of you holding the Panda!
    He was so relaxed that he continued eating 🙂

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