Princess Olga On The Volga

Today we were able to make good time, especially on the expressway section.  We had to be watchful, though.  In Russia, even four-lane, limited access roads can have pedestrian cross walks.  If people are in those cross walks, whether traffic is rolling 25 or 65 mph, drivers must stop.


As many of you know, I’m an avid gardener.  The dirt here is such a nice black color and seems to have such a smooth texture that I would love to plant in it.  Not on this trip.


Oil wells dotted today’s landscape.  Unlike the plain metal wells we’re used to in the USA, these were painted bright red and blue.


Our efficient riding allowed us time to enjoy the indoor pool and jacuzzi at the Holiday Inn.



Mother Nature cooperated and gave us perfect weather for our evening on the Volga River, aboard the “Princess Olga.”  It’s ironic that only three days ago, 130 people died about 200 miles up stream.  An overloaded, non-air conditioned river boat, caught a big wave with portholes open, sinking within three minutes.  While we waited to board, a crew member appeared to be inspecting a life boat.  Once on board, Jeff modeled the latest fashion in flotation devices.



Virtually the entire Volga River boat fleet is old, many over 50 years old.  The Princess Olga was no exception.  Still, she gave our group a comfortable, private cruise. We dined on pork chops.  Juergen, Alfred, and Ernst were among those who relaxed outdoors after dinner.  Vera, our English-speaking, Russian guide, did the best she could to share the river’s history with a group that had consumed ample amounts of beer, wine, and vodka.



There was plenty to see while cruising.  Lovely homes, commercial buildings, beaches, and churches lined the eastern shore.  A warm sunset wished us good night.  This was a very good night.

13 Jul   Ufa to Samara Russia   288 miles

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2 Responses to “Princess Olga On The Volga”

  1. Veloy Reynders says:

    That dirt is “soil” and it looks like Iowa. It’d be fun to plant in soil like that again. Heat index yesterday was 119 and MN wasn’t much better. Your trip on the Volga looks wonderful and relaxing. Have a good day and looking forward to you guys getting home.

    Veloy and Bob

  2. Hildegard Fritsch says:

    It’s so great traveling with you two in spirit and following you on your journey via your journal and photographs on the computer. Wow, what an expeerience!
    By now you are in England and your seven months ride
    around the globe will come to an end. Congratulations, you did it! What an awesome swing into retirement.
    Two days ago I received your postcard from China. It took 5 weeks to get here. Thank you so much. I appreciate you thinking of me. Did you know that I collect postcards?
    Wishing you wonderful days in England yet and a safe return home.
    I think you should write a book after you are all rested up – it would make such interesting reading and also be an inspiration to many.
    Love you,

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